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The Changing Face of Saipan Tourism

With a title like that, I’m sure you expected a lengthy article. However, this is just a quick observation.

First of all, if you’re not aware, Saipan is a tourist island. Traditionally, visitors from its closest international neighbor–Japan–comprised the majority of visitors. In recent months, and then pivotally, as a result of the ongoing nuclear situation in Japan, visitors from that country have dropped to record lows.

Meanwhile, the number of Chinese tourists is increasing. One source on island told me the number of Chinese hotel occupants has doubled from last year.

Personally, I’ve also been meeting some great people from Shanghai and Hong Kong throughout my own travels around the island, and also through my DestinationSaipan site.

I also believe that what Saipan is really offering, as well as what people are attracted to is changing slightly, but more on that later.

Hotel on Saipan

Tourists enjoying a Saipan sunset. I think I may have seen my first green flash!

The changing face of Saipan tourism! Welcome Shanghai!

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