George Graham

The “Christian Right” Is Often Neither Christian Nor Right

So the racist right is baring its fangs at Oprah now! Well, I am not surprised. Who would have expected these people, many of whom describe themselves as “Christians,” to sit quietly by and allow a black woman to remain at the pinnacle of success, especially after she supported a black man’s bid for the presidency of the United States?

And, of course, they claim their attacks are based on their “Christian” beliefs.

But just because people claim to be “Christian” doesn’t make them Christians.

Many devilish movements adopt the cloak of Christianity. The Ku Klux Klan, for example, claims to have religious roots.

The child molesters and self-professed polygamists in Texas claim to be practicing a “Christian” religion.

Do they ever ask themselves what Jesus would have done?

Nothing could be farther from their thoughts. These people are neither Christian nor right. They do Satan’s work on Earth. And the United States, which was founded “under God,” inadvertently provides them with Constitutional protection.

So racist activists can claim that attacking Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey is their Christian duty.

Jesus must be weeping.

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