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The Company Trump Keeps


My mother told me a man is known by the company he keeps. And Trump attracts the sorriest human beings on the planet.

Anthony Scaramucci, that comical caricature of a “made man,” immediately comes to mind. But he is not the worst liar or the biggest crook.

Who is the worst liar (after Trump himself of course)?

Hard to pick one. John Kelly, the former general, is right up there when it comes to being liar in chief.  He lied about Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and didn’t even apologize when a video surfaced exposing the lie. He lied about Rob Porter. He lied about Rex Tillerson’s firing. He lies… and lies… and lies…

Sanctimonious Mike Pence, who claims he talks with Jesus, is also a big-league liar.

And how about Jeff Sessions?  I’m sure I don’t have to describe his multiple mendacities.

Of course Sarah Huckabee is no slouch when it comes to messing with the truth.

You can fill out the list of Trump’s top liars for yourself. I don’t have the space to do it in a blog.

And the worst crooks?

Well Trump himself is hard to beat. A former casino owner who paid a multimillion-dollar fine for money laundering, he continues to use his position as president to enrich himself and his family.

And his kin – Jared, Ivanka, Donald Jr. and the like – are obviously fast learners.

Then there’s the cabinet. What a joke that turned out to be. A sick joke.

Trump’s present and former confederates are not just liars and crooks. Some are racists. Some are subversives. Some are just trolls. Steve Bannon – remember him? Richard Spencer. Alex Jones… the beat goes on.

Lurking in the shadows, I’m sure you can make out the shapes of various Russian mobsters and oligarchs, and such creeps as Roger Stone, George Nader, Paul Manafort…

What a cast of characters!

I can’t wait to see the movie that’s sure to get made. Will it be a comedy or a tragedy? That depends on how November’s midterms turn out.

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