The Early Bird and … the worm

bird.jpgWe all know the saying about the early bird getting the worm. Your parents probably stressedthe virtue of being early. But can you be too early? There are those last minute specials on airfares and cruises we often hear about. A reward to those who are flexible in terms of when they can travel. I like being on time even when I know others will not be. As I get older, I am realizing that maybe that’s not always a good thing. How much of my life have I frittered away waiting on others? Timing as they say is everything. I have a friend who sold a house at the top of the housing bubble and another who has a house on the market for over a year. Then I know those who sold way too early before the bubble even started…

I still admire the early bird but am cognizant of the fate of the early worm too.

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