The entertainment industry thinks it is all a joke…

I watched a replay of the David Letterman monologue and it seems to have capped of a week where the entertainment industry thinks everything is a joke or not very serious. First there were the arrest of Movie Director Roman Polanski for for unlawful sex with a 13-year-old back in 1977 in Europe. Next was the backlash from Hollywood directors including Woody Allen (who I think has no credibility in a case like this) and Martin Scorsese. They have signed petitions wanting  Polanski to be released. They don’t seem to think this is serious. In fact Whoopee Globerg saying it was not “rape rape” and Debra Winger saying the art world suffers. Wake up people. How would you like your 13 year daughter to go through this.

The David Letterman monologue to me was an insult. Is this the way you admit or reveal something that is going to hurt your family, friends and ex-lovers. In a joke.

This is what the entertainment business has become…everything is a joke even when lives are destroyed…It is good for the ratings…right

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