George Graham

The Incessant Voices of Evil


As I live through yet another school massacre and hear the depressingly deja vu arguments on TV, I wonder how some politicians can look at themselves in the mirror and not crumble into a slimy ball of shame.

For they are the NRA’s shameful mercenaries in its war against common-sense measures to stem the tide of blood flowing in America’s streets and flooding America’s schools.

Anyone with any sense knows there are no valid arguments against gun control. But the gun lobby’s talking points echo incessantly through the national debate.

You must know the talking points as well as I do so I won’t dignify them by a point-by- point rebuttal.

They defy logic. I cringe when I hear the usual screed about Second Amendment rights, for example.  Don’t you think my right to stay alive trumps your right to own a gun?

Gun control saves lives. Global statistics make that abundantly clear.

Countries that control guns lose far fewer citizens to gun violence than countries that do not control guns.

When I lived in Canada, I don’t think there were 100 shooting deaths a year.  Since 1968,  America has lost more than 1.5 million citizens to gun violence – about 30,000 a year.

The opponents of gun control legislation must know they have no case. But they continue to make up arguments they know to be unsupportable. And they come up with outlandish proposals to deflect the public demand for realistic action.

Trump wants to give teachers hand guns, for example. How lame is that?

Year after year after year, evil politicians take the NRA’s blood money and spout the NRA’s talking points.

Meanwhile,  the nation’s children continue to die in a hail of bullets – again and again and again.

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