George Graham

Do We Deserve Trump?

According to an old saying, people get the government they
deserve, and I hope it isn’t true because  it’s looking as if Americans deserve lousy government.

Not all Americans, of course but a lot of Americans. Including some in the media.

They are fawning over that awful Trump because he randomly dropped a bomb in Afghanistan and blasted a Syrian airport with missiles.

I guess a lot of Americans figure it shows how trough the guy is. But it shows me – once more – how stupid he is.

And dangerous.

It’s far from certain that the Syrian government was responsible for gassing those civilians. Some experts believe it was the work of rebels, not the government.

But Trump blasted a government base, anyway. He didn’t wait for the evidence to come in.

And he blasted a large swath of the Afghan terrain, killing anyone or anything that happened to be in the area. So what if innocent people died? Trump made his point. Now, if we could just figure out what point that was.

He also sent Mike Pence to make faces at the North Koreans across the Demilitarized Zone. How tough is that!

And he sent “an armada” to the region to back Pence up… well not really an armada, that was jus typical Trump hyperbole. It was actually an aircraft carrier. But it was certainly a provocation.

Recently, I heard on TV that Americans are welcoming the new president’s “decisiveness” after eight years of Obama’s “inaction.” Say what?

Who are these Americans? And how dumb are they really? They think randomly blowing up foreigners is “decisive”? They think President Obama’s prudence was weakness?

Don’t they know, as Winston Churchill observed, that “jaw-jaw is always better than war-war”?

Do they really want to kill people just to show how “bad” we are?

Do they really want to risk a nuclear war?

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