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The Latest “Scandal”



TrumpThe pundits are agog over the latest political “scandal.” No, it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Not his endorsement of Putin’s bloody regime. Not his mob-style proposal to kill the families of terrorists.

Nothing so innocuous.

It’s the “theft” of “proprietary information” from the Hillary campaign by the Bernie campaign.

Apparently some kids who work for Bernie found out the Democratic Party computer’s firewall was down and pilfered lists that Hillary’s people had stored there.

Oh the shame of it! Oh the horror!

One kid was fired. Others are being “reviewed.”

The DNC punished Bernie’s campaign by blocking their access to the party’s computer – where Bernie’s own lists are stored. But that didn’t last long. The ban was lifted after Bernie’s folks launched a lawsuit.

Of course, neither Bernie nor Hillary was personally involved in this “scandal.” But it’s the best Democrats can do when it comes to making the headlines these days.

You think it might attract viewers to the Democratic debate on TV tonight?

Without some controversy to promote, tonight’s debate might have been a bust. But with this new “scandal,” the day might be saved.

There could be a dustup between Hillary and Bernie over the “theft” of her lists. And Martin O’Malley might get in on the fray. It could be Fight Night on ABC.

I know, you are wondering what about the issues? This is a contest for the most powerful job in the world. The outcome will impact the lives of 330 million Americans – and billions of others around the world.

Don’t TV viewers want to know how the rival candidates plan to do the job?

Apparently not. What America’s viewing millions want is controversy. They want to be shocked, titillated, amused, horrified…  They want someone to love, someone to hate, someone to cheer and someone to boo. They want excitement. They want suspense.

They want Donald Trump.

And the Democrats just don’t have anyone like that to offer. A dispute over stolen lists is the best they can muster.

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