The Lesson My 11 Year Old Taught Me


For those of you who have been following my blog, you would realize that I have given it a total makeover. Somewhere over the month and a half since I have been blogging, something changed. I began putting way too much pressure on myself and found myself not liking the writing process anymore.  Wanting to be a better blogger, I began checking out some other well established bloggers who were writing contents similar to what I have been sharing with you here. The ease at which they expressed themselves intimidated me. Their contents were much longer than mine and very well written. I reasoned, if I began to do what they did, then maybe more people would want to check out my site, and I too would soon be able to boast about how many subscribers I have. My ego got in the way of my good intentions for my blog and I began to find myself getting jealous of their success.
My attention span is short, so I am not sure why I would even want to write longer entires.  Nevertheless, not wanting to leave any stone unturned I tried to write longer entries and found myself getting frustrated.
What can I say other than I lost focus.
Two nights ago, I was sharing with my daughter what I shared with you above. She looked and me and said, ” Mommy, everybody has to start somewhere. By comparing yourself with others is like an ant comparing its self to a whale.”
Wow! Wisdom out of the mouth of a babe.
Her words struck a chord within me and I knew what I had to do.
Be myself. Focus on the objective. Which in my case is to daily motivate others through inspirational quotes and share life lessons from my personal journey.
How many people do you know personally who have given up on a dream. They lost sight of what was important and started to focus on other people’s success. They were not willing to pay the price, but wanted to reap the benefits of success. They are an ant wishing to be a whale. Instead of  aspiring to be the best ant possible.
There are so many lessons to be gained from Kayla’s quote.
Can you imagine an ant going out into the ocean, because it thinks it can be a whale? It would drown before leaving the sea shore.
In our efforts to be successful, we need to be patient, and pace ourself for the race we are running. Failure to do so could leave us demotivated and giving up on fulfilling those things which we aspire to do.
Thank you Kayla for reminding mommy to be herself. How quickly I forgotten to practice what I preach.
Do me a huge favor and leave Kayla a comment letting her know what you think about her quote.

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