George Graham

The Moment of Truth is Here at Last

My ears are ringing from the rhetoric and my eyes are stinging from those nasty TV ads. Poll numbers dance in my overwrought brain. My blood is boiling with indignation over the insults to my intelligence and the audacity of the lies I have been asked to accept. But relief is at hand.

Early voting begins in Florida tomorrow, and Sandra and I will get to cast our ballots.

We are voting for Obama-Biden of course. And Bill Nelson. And all the other Democrats.

That’s what we would have done if there had been no campaign. That’s what we would have done if all that money had not been wasted on the most costly election in history.

As far as our two votes are concerned,  the tumult and the fury were in vain.

I bet we are not alone. I bet most Democrats and Republicans made up their minds months ago and have only been irritated by the blizzard of advertising from the party they oppose. Those attack ads have done little more than destroy reputations and set Americans against each other. I can’t see them changing many voters’ minds.

What I believe they have done is discourage decent Americans from running for office in the future. Why would anyone put up with that kind of vicious slander in order to serve their country? Unless they have some sinister axe to grind?

In a sane world, those billions and billions of dollars would have been used to feed the hungry and house the homeless.

But this is not a sane world. This is certainly not a sane country.

Insanity has been a hallmark of this brutish campaign. All of the ugliness, all of the bigotry, all of the sheer stupidity and ignorance that afflict America have been exposed for the world to see.

And from my admittedly biased perspective, the overwhelming majority of the trash has come from the Republican side.

Someone on TV last night compared the Romney campaign to a classic Monte Python skit in which a pet store owner keeps insisting a dead parrot he sold is only resting.

That certainly is an apt description of the Romney campaign’s reiterated claim of “momentum.”

The claim is based on a couple of polls that are known to have a Republican bias. Other polls show the race as flat or give President Obama a slight edge.

But that does not deter the Romney spin machine. I suppose the objective is to discourage Democrats from voting.

I don’t know about the other voters of course. But it isn’t keeping us from the polls.

Click here for the Monte Python video.

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