The Next President should be….

Last week I read an interesting article (I can’t find it now) on how many Christians has honed in on the issues of abortion and gay marriage to support the Republican party. They have minimized the issues of social justice and helping the poor. Those issues are perceived as agenda items for Democrats. Basically the article stated that Christians are in danger of making the Republican party their god as they cherry social pick issues.  I  was reminded of this article this week at church…

I teach Sunday school (4th and 5th grade) at my church. This weekend’s topic was worrying. At the end of the class I asked the children for prayer requests for things they are worried about. I got some of the typical requests. They were worried about bullies, dying, sick relatives, pets, exams, schools, sports etc. The final request I got caught me off guard and reminded me of the article I just mentioned above. A shy looking young 4th grader stuck his hand up and says “I am worried that the next President will be a Democrat”.

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