The Power of One

number_one.jpgWe are all familiar with the saying “the power of one.” Upon hearing these words, we naturally, immediately think of examples of one person making a huge difference as did Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. And then there was the unknown rebel student who captured the world’s imagination when he singlehandedly stopped the advance of the Chinese Army tanks in Tienanmen square in 1989.

Less thought about is the power of one to do tremendous damage. The world has had its Hitlers and other despots who wreak such havoc. Even today there are examples of those whose hands wield the power for evil. In such cases, we need the power of many to stop the madness — but often the many seem powerless and we must hope for the power of one.

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  • Excellent article- My grandparents migrated to Panama and was one of the builders. Very interesting story! I need to find relatives there!

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  • You lost me, buddy. I mean, I assume I get what youre saying. I have an understanding of what you are saying, but you just appear to have overlooked that you can find some other persons inside the world who view this issue for what it definitely is and may possibly not agree with you. You may well be turning away a lot of men and women who might have been followers of your web log.

  • Hello,

    Does Panama have an archive of records of workers, from other countries including Jamaica, who worked on the original construction of the Panama Canal?
    I am searching for any evidence of my grandfather who it is believed went to Panama to work on the canal. I would be most grateful if you could direct me to such a place if it exists in Panama, or to any other place where I could make further inquiries. Thank you.


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  • Lost? Not clear where “educational consulting” is lost. It’s ok to disagree but, to be taken seriously, you have to be specific. Panama remains a developing country with many of the challenges that confronts such countries. Nothing in this story would cause me to turn away from the blogger.