George Graham

Change You Just Can’t Stop

Some changes are forced, some are natural. And nothing can stop natural change when the time is ripe.

Who would have thought, for example, that our local power company would go solar? But there it was on TV last night, acres of solar panels belonging to dear, ol’ Lakeland Electric, producing power for us folks over here on Post Lane.

Meanwhile, the Trump regime is forcing change in he other direction, doing their best to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency, for example.

Real change tends to occur when it makes sense. And it tends to last. Forced change is fleeting at best. The EPA will live on long after Trump and his ilk are history. Americans will not put up with the destruction of the wonderful world God gave us.

And alternative energy is obviously here – and here to stay. There’s nothing the likes of Trump can do to “bring back coal.”

It’s a global tidal wave with China in the lead but with other nations not far behind. And Spain has come up with a way of producing solar power on cloudy days – a development that’s sure to boost the popularity of solar energy.

And solar power is just part of it. Many other alternative energy sources are proving economically feasible – from the wind and the tides to hidden fires beneath the earth’s surface.

I even read that pig farmers in Jamaica were cooking with methane gas produced from their pigs’ waste.

Lakeland Electric turned to solar “farms” because it made economic sense to do so. They also burn natural gas – when that makes sense.

It does not make economic sense to burn coal.

Sadly, Hillary Clinton had a carefully crafted program to fill the gap created by the demise of coal. It included retraining coal industry workers for jobs in the emerging alternative energy industry.

I guess nobody learned about Hillary’s plan during the campaign. We were all preoccupied with the grossness of that awful Trump – and the fake “news” about Hillary.

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