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The Sad, Sleazy Truth



I know it was the National Enquirer, so I guess we have to take it with a grain or two of salt, but I still found it shocking. I was standing in line at the supermarket when I saw the headline – Ted Cruz is some kind of stud who has had extramarital affairs with at least five women.

Hard to believe? Of course. Where would he find so many willing partners? Only the grossest imagination could conjure up images of Ted Cruz waxing romantic.

But you never know about women. They find all kinds of unlikely men attractive. Richard the Third, for example.

So you say shame on me for bringing up the presidential candidate’s private life? You say he has a right to privacy and what he does behind closed doors is his own business?

And I say what about John Edwards? The Democratic presidential candidate’s career was ruined after the Enquirer spilled the beans about his affair. Remember?

What candidates for public office do in private is not out of bounds, especially when they sanctimoniously bleat about “family values” and propose policies punishing others for unorthodox sexual preferences.

Ted Cruz is more sanctimonious than most. He panders to “evangelical voters” with the fiercest kind of Bible thumping. And his religion is not one of forgiveness and love but the Old Testament kind of fire and brimstone.

The Republican Party courts the Religious Right shamelessly while many Republican politicians pursue the most reprobate recreational activities. So many names spring to mind – David Vitter… Larry Craig… Dennis Hastert… Mark Sanford… Mark Foley …

Yes, I know Democrats have extramarital affairs, too. But you don’t hear Democrats preaching about family values and persecuting gays, do you?

Those anti-gay activists are among the worst offenders. Dozens of them have turned out to be secretly gay.

If the Enquirer story about Cruz is genuine – and I’m told the Enquirer checks its sources – then he should slink off into the shadows. We’ve heard enough from him and his kind.

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