The Safe Way – cold beer, wine, cigarettes and sodas

I don’t have a camera phones. How I wished I had one today. I am driving in a rough neighborhood and a store named “The Safe Way” caught my eye. The sign on the storefront is just pure irony. “The Safe Way – cold beer, wine cigarette and sodas”. 😯

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  • I want those tech jobs and factory jobs to go to Jamaica not India or China . My people need to “eat ah food”.

  • I want those tech and factory jobs to go to Jamaica not India or China. My people need to ” eat ah food”

  • Janice, Jamaica has a wonderful company that provides customer support for mutliple US corporations. They are successful because the staff is professional, intelligent, and well educated. A few more success stories like that and Jamaica can become the new India.

  • Would be nice, but don’t hold hold your breath. Right now I understand poor Jamaica is preparing to spend millions to accomodate the largest cruize ship ever built. For what reason I have’nt a clue. I can’t see where it’s going to make any money for the Island. The one’s who are going to make the big bucks are the owners and opperators of the monster. any way… a so me tink. Bill G.