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Peace in Pyeongchang

Sandra and I have been watching the Winter Olympics way past our bedtime this week.

She is especially fascinated by the figure skaters. I enjoy them too, but they’re all so breathtakingly talented that I wonder how the judges can decide who is first, second and so on. To me, figure skating is an art form more than a sport.

And what an art form!

Watching Ryom Tae-ok and Kim Ju-sik, the pair from North Korea, last night, who could remain unmoved?

It wasn’t just their skill and grace. All of the skaters had that in abundance.

What touched me was their nerve tingling vulnerability. They seemed so ephemeral, so fragile, flitting about the ice like a pair of mating butterflies (photo).

And I wondered why anyone would want to incinerate them.

For that’s what we in America may be about to let happen. We are watching passively as Trump apparently gets set to blow up the Korean peninsula.

Why? Officially, it’s because North Korea’s leader calls him names and threatens to fire nuclear missiles  at America. But the real reason could be to provide a distraction as the Mueller investigation becomes ever-more threatening.

Obviously, the South Korean people don’t want war with their neighbors. They cheer as wildly for the North Korean athletes as they do for their own.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has welcomed the North Koreans and seems willing to talk peace with their Dear Leader. But the signals from America’s top brass are perplexingly mixed.

Do we the people want war?

As I watch the Olympic athletes late into the night, I wonder how that could possibly be.

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