George Graham

The Shaming of America


The bloated, red-faced figure standing in the Rose Garden and shown on TV screens around the world has become the symbol of America’s shame. Ironically, this is the man who promised to “make America great again.”

Obviously pandering to his oil and coal peddling pals – especially his oil dependent buddy in Russia – this sycophantic quisling announced that America is withdrawing from the Paris Accord.

The icing on America’s humiliation came from French President Emmanuel Macron, who took the trouble to use English in his pledge to pick up the environmental banner that Trump was trampling in the dirt.

America is now one of three countries excluded from the global agreement designed to save mankind from catastrophic climate change. The other two countries? Syria and Nicaragua.

As my mother used to say, a man is known by the company he keeps.

In his eagerness to please coal and oil interests, Trump displayed his disregard for humanity. As the New York Daily News put it:

Trump to World: Drop Dead

He is also inadvertently displaying his futility. While he (with Nicaragua and Syria) is abandoning the global effort to avert disastrous air pollution, other powerful forces are redoubling their efforts to save the world

.China is emerging as the nucleus of this movement. And US states such as California are joining China. So is Canada. So is Mexico. So is Western Europe. Trump and his America stand virtually alone in their defiance of common sense. And Trump’s America is dwindling daily as the sheer horror of his election comes into focus.

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