The Simplicity of Republicans…Helps them win…

Yesterday I briefly talked about the simple facts and simplicity of the Republicans. I felt the need to expand a little more as this simplicity is one of the reasons I believe the Republican party has had more presidents in the last 40 years. Most Americans, like many other citizens of democracies, are not politically educated. I am not talking about formal education as I have friends with Masters Degrees that cannot tell me anything about the presidential candidates or political parties. This was illustrated to me a few weeks ago at a birthday party. A few of us started to talk presidential politics. Everyone in the group was talking about Obama. I asked the questions “What do you think of John McCain”. One of my friends said “Who”. He did not know who he was. I had to explain :mrgreen:
Enough said…back to the point of simplicity. The Republicans have honed their beliefs and policies into 3-4 word sentences while the Democrats have a thesis for what they believe because they want to appeal to all. For example, Abortion, Republicans are “Against Abortion” (2 sentences) for Democrats “We are pro-womens right even though we think abortion is a terrible thing” (This is the short version depending on the Democrat). Another example, smaller government and less taxes (Republicans).  Government should not be the fix it all but should help it’s citizens (Democrats). You can automatically know what Republicans are for because of these simple snippets. These easy to remember snippets appeal to the politically un-educated who make up the majority of the electorate in the US. The messages is tweaked especially for those residents in the “Red State” who are the working class. They don’t have time to dissect longs policy statements. As they say “keep it simple stupid”.

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