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The Sinister Saudis



You might feel heartened to learn that Saudi Arabia is leading a Muslim alliance to join the West’s war on ISIS. But I fear that having the Saudis as allies is like clutching a viper to your breast.

The Saudis are among the most extreme of Islamic extremists and have spent billions sponsoring the spread of jihad.

Throughout the years, their only value to America has been their ability to affect the flow of Mideast oil. And that value is questionable now that America has discovered its own massive deposits of oil and natural gas.

The Saudi royal family were tight with Poppy Bush and once bailed out George W when he went broke drilling for oil.

That’s probably why several Saudi royals were flown out of Tampa the morning after Nine-Eleven despite a supposed no-fly rule across the country.

But I am at a loss to understand why America still kowtows to these vile despots, who inflict the most barbaric form of Shariah law on their subjects.  You may have seen ISIS beheadings portrayed on American media, but you won’t see or hear anything about the beheadings and crucifixions – yes crucifixions! – in Saudi Arabia.

(Of course the Saudis’ brutal oppression of women and their routine violation  of young girls is a matter of record.)

You will recall that the “civilized world” was so appalled by Ghaddafi’s atrocities that a western alliance invaded Libya, killed the dictator and destabilized the region.  These same countries did not hesitate to intervene in Syria when Assad’s abuses became flagrant. (The dire consequences of that intervention are still being played out.)

But I’ve never heard any Western politician call for intervention in Saudi Arabia. Even though, time after time, so many terrorists turn out to be Saudis.

Osama bin Laden was a disenchanted member of the Saudi royal circle who hated the US because of  its support for his country’s rulers. Fifteen of the 19 Nine-Eleven hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.

In today’s, David Masciotra wonders why the Republican presidential candidates aren’t threatening to wipe out Saudi Arabia when they are so determined to wipe out ISIS.

Masciotra notes that:

And he reminds us that:

Former Senator Bob Graham has strong reason to believe the Saudi connection was not mere coincidence or superficially ethnic. In two separate sworn statements, the former senator explained that, according to the intelligence he reviewed as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, it is likely that Saudi officials provided aid and comfort to the terrorists responsible for the 9/11 atrocity. 

Senator Graham accused the FBI of covering up the Saudi connection to Nine-Eleven. But nobody was listening.

And nobody seems to be listening now.

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