The Spider Woman Dress Michelle Obama Wore…Very High Expectations..


Image source: Indianexpress.com

When men are talking about dresses you know the expectations are high. So it is with the dress Michelle Obama wore the night Barack Obama gave his first speech as president elect. I heard it described as a “spiderwoman costume” and the “big red ball”. The criticism of the dress online from have been strong but also from many of my Black American friends. I had one black American male friend tell me that she could have worn her church Easter dress.  I did not pay too much attention to the dress but being that the picture of the new first family is on the covers of magazines everywhere you can help but look. I think Michelle has dressed great throughout the election but I am no fashion police. I will give her a pass on this dress. Again I am no fashion police so it maybe the hottest dress out there.

I just think the expectation on this family is going to be high especially in the black community. The Obama’s are the face of the community and many will now feel what they do reflect on the community…

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