The Stuart Brothers Key to Turning Our Dirt into Gold

Jamaica is a blessed land. Columbus did describe it right as the land of wood and water.

We are indeed Blessed with a rich land

We are a proud people who have tried hard to extract the value of its rich resources to sustain itself and to share with the wider world. Our tourist industry has been on center stage for many years making our agricultural sector the seemingly ignored step sister.

We however have awaken to the vital importance of our farmers and the agricultural jewel. The government have made major needed investments to restore control over our food security, provide our special delights for our many visitors, and share our unique cuisine with the long world and Diaspora community.

For the agriculture segment to fully regain its Bolt-like legs, a sustainable infrastructure needs to be put in place. This involved profiling our lands and other fundamental ingredients, developing our farmers for the long term, leveraging technology to harvest and store the fruits of the farmer’s labor, add value to deliver the produce to the dinner tables both domestically, and globally.

Coming to Your Spice Rack Soon!

One of the key linchpins is the agro-processors who will take the baton from the farmers and deliver the value-added goods to the marketplace. Two brothers, twins, Marvin & Marlon Stuart, whose summer days sensibilities were shaped by the lush and natural wonder of Portland . These guys have formed a family business that has brought a renewed passion for making our agricultural products shine.

Yes, the minister of Agriculture sees the gold in this attractive packet

These brothers are dedicated to filling every spice rack with the fire and spice indigenous to our Island. They launch a agro-processing company, Local Spice Jamaica that is off and running.
It was my privilege to enter into conversation with Marvin and understand what motivated them to enter this business and how they expect to deliver the goods to each kitchen from New Zea land to Tibet.
Click to hear Marvin’s wisdom

The secret blend and attractive packaging have started to garner global attention. ABC Good Morning America was delighted to feature Local Spice Jamaica product!

Let’s keep a sharp eye out for this product. You Jamaican a yard and in Florida are so privileged to have access to this fine product. I can’t wait to see this product in my local store.

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