Resist nothing. Learn from everything

I want you to stop for a minute and think about what I am about to say.
Every decision you made yesterday,  have led you to the place you are currently. Whether for good, or bad, you are where you are because of the choices you made. Some of those choices have left you scarred, and the consequences painfully hard to bare.
We have a tendency, to pretend with the one person who knows the truth. OURSELF. Only a mad person, keeps doing the same things over and over without realizing that what they are doing makes no sense. You are not such a person, so today I want you to take yourself on a date and have a conversation with the real you. Yes, it is o.k to take off the mask, no one is watching. All the world’s a stage but today, you don’t have to be an actor.
I remember looking at myself in the mirror and asking, ” who are you?” The person looking back at me simply said, “Hi, I am Kymarie, and I have been waiting to meet you.”
Like many from the islands, I was raised to make something meaningful of myself. But unless you pursued one of the socially accepted professions, you would have wasted your life and deemed unambitious for pursuing something out of the box. Sadly, I was the one who wasted many years of my life pursuing careers I had no passion for, leaving me unfulfilled and with a ton of student loans (I need an angel to pay those).
Two years ago, I found myself at a cross road. But it was while standing in that place, with the whole world in front of me, I decided I wanted to venture into a new career field. Photography! What many people don’t know is that photography was my life line, the one I used to pull myself out of depression when I was unable to make sense of all the changes taking place in my life. I wanted to do for people with my camera, what my camera did for me. Make me hope again and see the true beauty within.
I digress……..that is the topic for another day.
I went to an event about a year and a half ago with my good friend David from DavidIPhoto, and this prominent Jamaican Professor asked me what I did for a living. I found the question a bit strange, since I was at the event taking pictures. Anyway, when I told him photography, he called me a rolling stone and politely walked away! It was in that moment, I knew I was doing something I loved. It mattered not one bit to me what he or anyone  else thought about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life! I wanted to take fabulous pictures and inspire others to follow their own dreams! PERIOD!
The site is called MICANBE for a reason. The MI is just my unique way of saying I, and you all know what CAN BE means. Who has the right to tell you what your dreams should or should not be? The boldness I now have, only revealed itself when I was ready to come to terms with the authentic me. I tell my daughter all the time. Be an original. Get to know yourself.
We are all standing in front of  invisible doors, that are just waiting to become visible. Doors waiting to take us to better places and teach us new and exciting things. But in order for us to make the invisible visible, we have to be willing to close some other doors, the ones that don’t serve us.
All I want you to do is consider……what would I like to achieve that I am not currently working on? What is preventing me from making a step?
Look at me, I took the step! I am chronicling the journey in order to give you the courage to face your fears and just BE!
Until next time
Stay positive. Be inspired.

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