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There’s No “Good Citizen” Gene, Mr. King

Iowa Congressman Steve King set off a tweet storm with his openly racist claim that “we can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

King was supporting Dutch politician Geert Wilder, (depicted at upper right) who wants to sfop Muslim immigration, shut down mosques and ban the Koran in his country.

King’s comments sparked widespread outrage, of course. But some Americans are applauding him.

It’s sad that we should be having this discussion nearly two decades into the 21st Century.  But obviously the question is still not settled. Are some “races” superior to others? And are the “superior races” lighter skinned and bluer eyed?

Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

But with Donald Trump in the White House and “nationalists” gaining popularity throughout Europe, we browner-eyed people are once again becoming fair game for the eugenics crowd. Especially when we dare to immigrate to a country where paler people predominate.

Of course, the premise of a master race is mischievous nonsense. Throughout history, great civilizations have been built by human beings of varying ethnicity.

Sorry, Congressman King, but you can build a fine civilization with somebody else’s babies. Some societies – the Canadians for example – have welcomed diversity and are the better for it.

There are myriad traits in our human DNA. Some produce long legs, others produce short fingers. But there’s no gene that produces a better citizen.

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