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Things Are Back to Normal: Bush Spouts Garbage Again

Yesterday, I said I was surprised to hear a few insightful words coming from the mouth of American President George W. Bush. I speculated that he might be undergoing a welcome transformation now that he is about to leave office.

I was wrong.

Bush hasn’t changed – he is still a dangerous fool.

Today he was quoted on television as warning Americans that electing a Democratic president would be inviting terrorist attacks. And he added that Barack Obama’s promised negotiations with Iran would be like negotiating with the Nazis.


Obviously, history is not the President’s strong point. But even for him, that’s really rank BS.

I am old enough to remember Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill, and I remember Chamberlain’s infamous proclamation, “Peace in our time.” Yes, Chamberlain was misguided (or worse). Yes, there was no way to negotiate with Hitler. But the comparison is spurious.

Hitler had invaded Czechoslovakia and Austria. And Britain did not go to war with Germany until after the invasion of Poland.

Obviously, no American president, regardless of his (or her) party, would pause to talk to any invader of Israel — of anyone who violated a U.S. agreement with Israel. Retaliation would be swift and devastating. But it is devoutly to be hoped that any American president (again, regardless of his, or her, party) would attempt to use negotiation to head off a strike against the Israelis. Surely, talking to the enemy would be preferable to retaliating after all those innocent lives were lost.

If Bush had studied history, he would know it was war hero Winston Churchill who said, “”To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war.”

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