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What I’m Doing in Jamaica

My time in in JA isn’t just one big vacation. I’m still working…on several projects (a girl’s gotta eat), but taking every opportunity to explore and learn more about the island and its people. There’s so much to see and do in Jamaica and I’m not just talking beaches, jerk chicken and rum punch either (though I love them all).

St.Ann-Jamaica-2012-New Years Day

St.Ann-Jamaica-2012-New Years Day

In general, I’m here living life and learning whatever it is life is ready to teach me about Jamaica (and about myself). JA has such a rich and diverse history and I’ve only began to scratch the surface in understanding it all. I’m open to new experience, meeting new people and hoping to improve my patois as well. Here’s a peek into some of the other things I’ll be doing while on the island…

Eating Until it Hurts

Trying new food is always a big part of any place I travel and in Jamaica there is no shortage of great eats. My friends (and my nose) have been keeping me connected with the best food on the island. I’ve also been eyeing the Jamaican online food guide, NyamJam.com, as well. I’ve already hit up a few restaurants on their list and looking forward to trying out many more though I’m quite partial to the delicious finds on the road.

Beef, Grilled and Jerk Chicken Tacos with a red stripe to wash it down at Chilitos Jamexican in Kingston

Beef, Grilled and Jerk Chicken Tacos with a red stripe to wash it down at Chilitos Jamexican in Kingston

Checking out the Live Music Scene

There has been an explosion of new bands in Jamaica that I can’t wait to see perform live: Dubtonic Kru, Di Blueprint, Raging Fyah, Indignation and Rootz Underground, just to name a few. I’m keeping an eye out for their local performances and hoping to maybe catch them at one of  live venues around Kingston like Jamnesia in Bull Bay, Jonkanoo Lounge at the Wyndham in New Kingston and many more.

Jallanzo Vocalist and Guitarist, Dubtonic Kru

Jallanzo, Vocalist and Guitarist, Dubtonic Kru (via Juiceonline.com)

Concerts, Festivals and 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Being consistently in Jamaica means a higher liklihood of attending some of the concerts and events that I usually miss on my shorter stays. And given that 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of  Jamaica’s independence, there’s even more to look forward to. Below is a snap shot of some of the festivals and events I have planned for the month of January.

January 6th: Annual Accompong Maroon Festival
Accompong, St. Elizabeth

January 14th: Rebel Salute
Peter Kaiser Sports Club, Alligator Pond

January 21: Eclectic
Courtleigh Auditorium, New Kingston, Jamaica.

January 26-29: Jamaica Jazz and Blues
Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium, Falmouth

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Even with my work and all of the many things going on, I’m definitely finding time to relax and do a little meditation/reasoning and at times nothing. This is definitely when the beach and rum punch comes in handy!

Did I miss anything?

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