This is CHINA and I Am Having the Time of My Life!

My dear Friends
We are doing it one day at a time -quite a challenge (most of the time) and hilarious too!

We have had a series of adventures – some really funny! Here’s one that will make you smile:

I went shopping, to purchase some cosmetics -hand lotion etc. which I had forgotten. Picked up “safe” brands (luckily small sizes) of “Nivea” and “Dove” – good thing, as they both turned out to be “Body wash”/Hand Soap.

Have you ever taken a bath and then “oiled” yourself thoroughly with thick, liquid soap? Well is dat me do – had to bathe all over again, with Maas Herbie commenting that “one good bath, deserves another”
Now I am forced to have someone write the Chinese for what I need, or go back to having a shopping ‘escort’.

The following week, on another expedition -this one with a Chinese Faculty member, we hired a taxi for the evening. On our return trip, the driver took a back road, passing a group of about 8 people, who were waiting for him.
We got to the back gate, which was already locked, had to turn around, again passing by the group of people, who at this time were standing in the middle of the road. Our driver did not slow down, nor did he swerve. I closed my eyes, as people scattered left and right (Serious drivers).

He then decided to take a “short cut” through a construction site. It had been raining, so there was some serious ‘puttu-puttu, mud – the outcome – of course we got stuck! We had to get out, while he tried to maneuver his way out of the rut and I had visions of the “morning headlines – FOREIGNERS ABANDONED IN CONSTRUCTION SITE!” (because at this time, he was very angry –muttering, in Chinese, “Now I must pass those people –(his customers)- 3 times”) And meck
me tell you something. When smaddy bex an’ a complain inna Chinese, it really sound intimidating.

Well, he got unstuck, picked us up and headed out (passing the angry passengers again). This time, he took the longer route to the University’s Front Gate, which by this time, was barred/closed to vehicular traffic.

The Security Guard refused to move the barriers for us, so we had to schlepp all our shopping, about a city block -no fun. But here’s the strangely hilarious thing – the Guard, abandoned his post, and helped us carry our shopping to the Elevator in the Lobby. (maybe him did feel sorry fe de poor “old” (God bless the grey hair) waiguoren, foreigners.(For by dis time, we so tired, mi pride could’n stop me from hobbling.) What can I tell you – this is China and I am having the time of my life – I LOVE IT. 🙂

Nuff-nuff blessings and“Walk Good”

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