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This is How the World Ends? Elect Romney and See!

It’s a picture-perfect day here in Central Florida. It was chilly in the early morning, below 50 degrees F.  But now the sun is lighting up the bright yellow flowers in the garden and glancing off the tombstones that the church next door put up for their Halloween event. The high today will be in the mid-seventies.

It’s no wonder the old folks hereabouts scoff at all this talk of global warming. Who are those scientists trying to frighten, anyway? Look up in the sky and what do you see? God’s glorious sunshine, that’s what.

It’s no wonder they’re hobbling to the polls to vote out that liberal Obama. Him and his climate change claptrap. Hah!

Meanwhile, in New York, New Jersey and other parts of the country recently ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, storm victims cling to rooftops and wait in dark attics for rescue crews. Sewer-polluted water is waist-deep in the streets and fallen trees litter the landscape. Millions are without electricity, food or clean water. Authorities say the storm took at least 50 lives and caused an “incalculable” amount of damage.

On our TV screens, we are treated to tales of heroic rescues and scenes of awe-inspiring devastation.  Who will soon forget the flames devouring those 100 homes in Queen’s (photo above)? Fire caused by a flood. How ironic. How Biblical.

From the air, all of New Jersey looks like a giant lake, with the top half of thousands of houses poking up out of the muddy water.

Americans are agog over this “Frankenstorm.” Never before has a weather event so destructive hit the big cities of the Northeast.

Predictably, scientists and progressives are blaming global warming.

A typical rant by writer George Lakoff, in Reader Supported News today, declares:

 Yes, global warming systemically caused Hurricane Sandy – and the Midwest droughts and the fires in Colorado and Texas, as well as other extreme weather disasters around the world. Let’s say it out loud, it was causation, systemic causation.

But the Tea Party crowd know better. They know these things just happen. They are acts of God.

These folks are devoutly devoted to electing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in defiance of the global-warming doomsayers.

Lurking in the background are coal-mining billionaires like the Koch brothers who fret under existing environmental protections and demand the freedom to pollute at will.

Elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency is a prime objective of the Romney campaign. If elected, Romney pledges, he will free the Kochs and their ilk to drill, baby, drill, without let or hindrance. That’s the price America must pay for jobs, he argues. And who cares about global warming when jobs are at stake?

And a lot of folks around here would add: Who cares about global warming when the lives of unborn children are at stake?

Abortion must go, they declare. Roe vs. Wade must be reversed. The fertilized egg must be protected at all costs.

Onward Christian soldiers!

Meanwhile, the northern ice cap is gradually disappearing, the dark Arctic water beckons the sun, and the earth grows warmer. The ocean rises. The waves creep closer to the shore. Rising from the warm ocean, hurricanes grow ever stronger and more frequent.

In New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and throughout the ravaged Northeast, the massive cleanup effort continues. Survivors must be rescued and provided for. Plans must be made to rebuild.

The communities of the Northeast will rise from the ruins. And life will go on as usual until the next Hurricane Sandy… and the next… and the next… and the next…

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