George Graham

This is Unbelievable

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know I was expecting to have a working washing machine today. I guess I should have known better.

DLS Appliance Experts finally sent a technician to install a new control board today. And he spent more than an hour tinkering with our ailing washing machine. But he couldn’t get it to work.

He muttered something about the machine having not one but two control boards, and I gathered both control boards miraculously went out at the same time. So what happens now?

The technician didn’t say. He packed up his paraphernalia and drove away.

I called Maria at DLS and she couldn’t enlighten me. She said she had to get a report from the technician and that wouldn’t be possible until tomorrow.

I called Sears and they said they would authorize another service call. When that might occur they could not hazard a guess.

It’s been three weeks since I reported the dead washing machine to the Sears home appliance protection people. Does this mean we have three more weeks – or more – to wait?

Will we ever get he washing machine fixed?

The laundry room is overflowing with clothes waiting to be washed. And it seems there’s nothing I can do to get our washing machine repaired.

Wll I eventually have to throw in the towel and buy a new machine?

Have I been scammed?

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