Baby oh Baby Jamaica

This Morning Wowweeeee

Ok this morning was a trip. My car is not working so I have had to use a van that my son seem to have a fascination with. This morning he got up bright and early at 5am took up the van keys and began pointing at the front door and kept on saying van. So I was no van, later when you are ready to go to school van. Oh Lord the tears did flow.  Anyway got him to school, he was very happy with driving in the van.  Now would you believe me the child refused to get out of the van. Tears and more tears. I had physically remove him from the van and then more tears. Now you tell I felt like slapping him but instead knelt down and began negotiating with a shy of one month two-year old or 23 month old.

Did it work???? No!! Auntie is they call the teachers had to come for him. Then more tears.

I thinking I am developing a newfound level of patience and tolerance that I never knew imaginable.

Have a great everyone and just do the best you can today.

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