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The Olympic hockey finals was the most exciting hockey game i’ve ever seen, live or on television. I still think USA v. Russia would be the ideal gold medal game scenario for many reasons but this was just as good if not better and lived up to the hype.

Unfortunately, within a month, hockey will still be a second tier sport.

Ashley Cole’s hurt, his backup refusing to play on the English team with John Terry, turmoil and scandal everywhere…..I think this series of events could spell doom for England in the World Cup.

Tiger Woods will come back to golf this year prior to The Masters and I think he will have one of his better years.

The St. Louis Rams, who were awful last year, will pick either Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen with the No 1 pick in the draft, not any of the defensive players being touted.

A team from the Big East-hands down the best conference in college basketball, top to bottom-will win the NCAA tournament this year.

After watching Chelsea get dismantled by Manchester City this weekend and picked apart by Mourinho’s boys from Milan a few days prior, I think they are in big trouble in the Premiership. Their defense has been exposed, and with the upcoming lineup of games in the Premiership (West Ham, Blackburn, Portsmouth, Aston Villa, Manchester United, Bolton & Tottenham) they could go 3-4 and fall out of the top four.

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