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Thoughts for this week

Arsenal showed the heart of a champion today-they rebounded from the loss at Porto and are now challenging for 1st place in England and they routed Porto today. Samir Nasri scored one of the best goals i’ve seen this year.

Great win, I hope they keep this form up.

70 wins and counting-but does anyone really care about Women’s College basketball? I admit, I watch it on occasion, and I think what they may lack in athleticism, they make up for in fundamentals, but it’s clearly a sport with only three or four real dominant powers (UConn, Tennessee, Rutgers and in the past, UCLA) and as such…..is it really relevant?

It does beg the question though-is this the most impressive team winning streak?

I must admit, AC Milan v. Manchester United-David Beckham’s first game in England against the team that made him a star. I think this is going to be even better than the first game 2 weeks ago. Ronaldinho, Beckham, Rooney, Eto’o, Alex Pato…this is going to be something special

And on the subject, I think the Champions League is by far the greatest sports tournament in the world. I think the NCAA Basketball tournament is a close second, but for completely different-one celebrates the best teams and best players in their sport in a tournament within a tournament. The other is fun because of the classic David vs Goliath scenario; the underdogs who make it there and challenge the big boys.

The Lakers don’t look like the best team in basketball anymore. Odom is playing like garbage, Gasol is playing soft (AGAIN) and opposing guards a driving past Fisher like his name is ‘EZ Pass’

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