George Graham

The Hogs are Hollering


According to a Jamaican proverb, when you throw stones into a hog pen, the ones that holler are the ones you hit.

I’m sure you can hear the hogs hollering.

The Mueller inquiry is producing results. Four Trump minions indicted already, two of them (so far) cooperating with investigators. Trump can hear the footsteps approaching and the handcuffs jangling.

Handcuffs. that’s what could be in store for the president, not just impeachment.

The minions are panicking, of course. And they’re lashing out in desperation, trying to deflect public attention and create a receptive climate for .ending Mueller’s probe.

The right-wing echo chamber is stoking a firestorm of outrage over concocted FBI transgressions. The accusations are detailed in a memo, based on classified information, which is being shamefully shared with the public.

The infamous memo was dreamed  up by Trump’s stooge, Devin Nunes, with apparent input from the White House.

I haven’t read it but I understand it accuses the FBI and the deputy attorney general of abusing wiretap laws to eavesdrop on Trump campaign worker Carter Page.

It’s no secret that Page was suspected of being a Russian agent.  And the permit for his surveillance was issued long before he jumped on the Trump bandwagon.

Even Paul Ryan, who is turning out to be another Trump stooge, was obliged to recognize that the accusations against the FBI have nothing to do with Mueller’s investigation.

But that won’t matter to the right-wing media. The hogs will keep on hollering.

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