George Graham

Time for Jeb to Quit



Get lost, Jeb. You’re cluttering up the Republican primary field and making an ass of yourself. I thought you were better than that.

What are you polling now, 3 percent? I know you’re down in single digits – way down. And it’s no wonder. You keep giving voters reasons to pick someone else.

There was that shocking proposal to invade Iraq again – just as your brother did. I have news for you, Jeb. Americans don’t want any more troops killed and maimed fighting someone else’s war. Been there, done that. And we regret the two trillion dollars it cost, not to mention the dead kids and shattered families.

Now you’re proposing the elimination of food stamps and housing assistance.

You say you want the federal government to give the states money to work out their own plans. What are you, nuts?

Without the federal government, do you have any idea what would be going on in some of those states? Black Americans would still be counting jars of beans to vote, for one thing.

Donald Trump got it wrong when he described you as just “low energy.” You’re also low intellect, Jeb. Low common sense.

You’re so dumb – sorry, I can’t think of a more polite word – that you don’t realize how America feels about the last Bush presidency. According to a story in the Washington Post today:

Now, stuck near the back of the GOP pack and fighting for survival, the former Florida governor is calling in the cavalry — relatives and hundreds of others with long ties to the Bush clan who are gearing up to flood Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina or Nevada in a push to get back into contention.

So you plan to remind us how awful your brother was, how he invaded Iraq on a lie, wrecked the economy and left the country in shambles. Does that sound like a good idea to you?

I can’t imagine who would respond favorably to this strategy.You’ll be throwing good money after bad, jeb, and your super PAC has already spent tens of millions of dollars on your campaign with no discernible results.

Money can’t buy you love, Jeb. And neither can that gang of Bush buddies you’re set to deploy.

Click for Bush’s welfare plan.

Click for the Washington Post story.

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