George Graham

Today, I Suspend Disbelief and Accept the Possibility of Magic

smileI have always been a skeptic. As a child, I doubted the existence of Santa Claus from the beginning. I disdainfully dismissed the possibility of a Tooth Fairy. And I knew that rabbits, even Easter Bunnies, could not lay eggs. So you would expect me to have reservations about the dawning of the Obama Era.

But today I refuse to doubt. Today I will gaze starry eyed at the slender black man with the magical smile and the promise of a new beginning in his voice. Today I believe.

Perhaps tomorrow will revive the old pessimism, the need to pull back the curtain and look for the hidden wires that manipulate the magic show. But not today.

Today I will watch the ocean of joyful faces on television and hear the myriad voices ring with hope and love. Today I will be the child I never was. Today I believe that Obama can change this crummy world and replace selfishness, greed and bigotry with neighborly love and the will to be better human beings.

And I pray for Divine Guidance in his heroic quest.

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I am a Jamaican-born writer who has lived and worked in Canada and the United States. I live in Lakeland, Florida with my wife, Sandra, our three cats and two dogs. I like to play golf and enjoy our garden, even though it's a lot of work. Since retiring from newspaper reporting I've written a few books. I also write a monthly column for