Tough Times Raising the Ginnal’s Performance

 Tough times raises the vulnerbility possibility for many of us.

 I saw an article in the New York Times stating that $30M (US) was scammed last year from lottery scams.

The story shared that Americans sent more than $30 million to Jamaica last year to claim winnings in a nonexistent lottery. Jamaica has become a new center for such schemes, which authorities say have helped finance a network of violent traffickers in drugs and guns.


A letter bearing the logo of the Mega Millions lottery is actually a scam designed to steal your money, the lottery announced. The letter tricks you into thinking you have an unclaimed Mega Millions prize, and includes a counterfeit check, lottery officials said. If you cash the check, it will bounce, and your bank’s routing and account information will be sent back to the scammers, who will then try to withdraw money from your accounts. .Mega Millions said it is investigating to see who is sending the letters.


Here is a site with many answers to sniff out the crooks.



Silence is fraud’s best friend.  Word of mouth is fraud’s worst enemy.  Pass the word!

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