George Graham

Troubling Signs

I’m sure you’ve heard that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” And I’m also sure you’ve noticed how America’s new president is imitating Vladimir Putin.

He and his minions are deploying a massive propaganda initiative, for example, based on “alternative facts.” And they relentlessly attack the mainstream media while silencing critics like Elizabeth Warren.

Are they also involved in violent “incidents” marring otherwise peaceful anti-Trump protests across the country?

Some observers suggest left-wing Anarchists are to blame.  Rowdy members of the protest movement wear black, carry identifying flags and display the letter A.

But you and I know you don’t have to be an Anarchist to dress like one. Wolves can wear sheep’s clothing. Russian funded troublemakers can wear any type of costume they want. This is still a free country.

I doubt Anarchists are  a significant movement in America today.  Remember those cartoons back when the world was young? Anarchists and their clumsy bomb making were laughed at even back then.

I find it hard to believe that the movement has survived underground all these years and is conveniently reemerging to give legitimate anti-Trump protests a black eye.

In today’s politics, nothing is necessarily as it seems.

But there are trends too obvious to miss. And Trump’s Putin-like predilection for suppressing opposition is one of those trends.

Of course, Putin doesn’t restrict his attacks to churning out abusive tweets  or shushing critics with obscure Senate rules. His methods are much more frightening.

Would Trump dare take his imitation of Putin to such extremes? Thankfully, there’s no evidence of that so far.

But who knows what a hothead like Trump might be up to?

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