George Graham

Noise from an Empty Barrel

Color-trump-stunt (1)The people who tell me they’re voting for Donald Trump always say it’s because he’s a successful businessman, not a politician. But why would they want a businessman who knows nothing about politics – especially global politics – to run the country?

Trump showed how little he knows last night in his foreign policy speech.

All he did was brag about the wonders he would perform as President. He didn’t say how.

Serious foreign policy scholars on all sides of the political spectrum dismissed his speech as meaningless.

Even his allies scoffed at the speech. For example, Doug Bandow of the right-wing Cato Institute declared:

It struck me as a very odd mishmash.

Trump’s speech revealed nothing new. He repeated his promise to wipe ISIS off the face of the earth, rewrite all of those trade deals that have cost America so many jobs, build the most massive military force the world has ever seen, and so on. But he didn’t explain where he would get the resources to do all that or how he would go about doing it.

The only strategy he revealed was to surround himself with “talented experts” whom he promised to name but didn’t.

To me, Trump personifies the saying I heard so often as a child back in Jamaica:

 An empty barrel makes the most noise.

If ever there was  an empty barrel, it’s Donald. Trump.

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