George Graham

Trump’s Diversionary Attack

My guess is that Trump bombed that Syrian airbase to divert attention from the growing evidence that he is Putin’s pawn. I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin knew about the attack beforehand.

Syria is not a priority as far as Putin is concerned. So he probably gave his old pal Trump permission to bomb the Syrian base as supposed retaliation for Assad’s vicious use of chemical weapons.

I imagine the Russian dictator wasn’t pleased by Assad’s use of chemical weapons Syria was supposed to have eliminated, anyway. It makes Russia look bad.

It doesn’t bother Trump that the US is now fighting on both sides in Syria’s civil war. US troops are battling ISIS rebels while US planes are bombing the government’s airbase.

What happens next is anyone’s guess but I would be astonished if Trump’s attack on Syria leads to bad blood between him and Putin.

With those two, the world’s a stage and everything they do is theater. They don’t have a principle between them. Or a compunction.

They wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice human lives to make a point.

My suspicion is that after the obligatory rhetoric in the UN and the usual saber rattling by all concerned, the horrible Syrian civil war will drag on much the same as it has for so long.

And Trump will be able to assure Americans that he isn’t beholden to Putin, after all.

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