George Graham

Trump’s Last Hurrah

trumpTrump went out swinging, leaving one last headline as the epitaph for his bizarre campaign. I haven’t read the papers but I bet they will all be agog over his refusal to say he will accept the election’s result if he loses.

An insult to our democracy, the pundits at MSNBC and CNN declared. Unprecedented. Shocking. And so on.

OK. But what else do you expect from Trump?

He never changes his spots. He lives to create headlines. But not to worry. Trump will accept his spanking like a surly schoolboy. There won’t be pitchforks in the street, after all. This is America, not some benighted backwoods country.

If you saw the debate, you don’t need me to tell you what went on. If not, you most likely don’t care. But I can’t resist making a few observations.

Why does he sniff like that? And he’s the one advocating a pre-debate drug test?

And why does he hate women?

You don’t believe me?

Think about that last ugly gasp of his:

Such a nasty woman!!

Not nasty person. Nasty woman. And you heard the venom with which he spat out “woman.”

If there was still some woman somewhere who was still planning to vote for the man, I bet that changed her mind.

Yes, I know he will get the single-issue voters who want a Supreme Court that will make abortion illegal again. And he will get some dummies who don’t know it was the Republican Party that gave us free trade.

But I think last night’s debate sealed the deal: This will be the biggest landslide since Goldwater. America is about to welcome its first woman President.

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