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Trump’s Worldwide Web of Deception

I just read that China has approved dozens of Trump trademarks, and I wonder how this will affect his policy toward the Chinese. I’m sure you know how Trump has criticized China for stealing American jobs, manipulating its currency and on and on.

Obviously, he is just talking when he rants against China because he has been taking advantage of their low wages for years, making a variety of goods over there to ship into the US.

So what is his real China policy?

I suppose what he says will depend on his mood of the moment. But what he does will depend on his business interests, which will now include restaurants, advertising and construction, in addition to manufacturing.

I don’t expect the US to start a war over the South China Sea while Trump is president, for example.

And I imagine China’s vast American interests will make the Chinese think twice before attacking us. They wouldn’t want to blow up property they own.

Trump has business dealings all over the world, and a lot of his projects depend on government approvals.

I suspect this is what drives his foreign policy. His rants and raves are just empty rhetoric designed to keep his base frothing at the mouth (and keep the media guessing).

You would think the media would know this and ignore his tweets. But I guess the tweets provide entertainment for the masses so they build media audiences.

While you and I are obliged to endure the tweets however, we don’t have to give them credence. Nearly everything Trump says is a lie, often designed to deflect attention from the real issues that plague his presidency.

That Russian connection, for example. Let’s see how he tweets his way out of that one.

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