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Two More Years?



I am tempted to skip voting in November for the first time in my life. For one thing the bullying emails demanding contributions to the Democratic Party are getting on my nerves – as are the groveling ones and the pleading ones and the scary ones and…

This has to be the worst election campaign in history. The Democrats seem to be doing their best to alienate me. And the Republicans get more repugnant every day.

I am offended by the way some Democratic candidates have turned on the President and disavowed his policies. If they win their seats by rejecting his agenda, what good will that do? They will be likely to vote against his initiatives anyway, won’t they?

Will they defend Obamacare for example? A lot of them seem to be saying no to that. They are doing everything they can to distance themselves from the program, even though it seems to be working better all the time.

And the Republicans are already threatening another government shutdown to cut off funds for Obamacare.

It looks more and more as if it doesn’t matter which party wins this election. President Obama’s wish list seems doomed anyway.

I don’t see red state Democratic politicians voting for comprehensive immigration reform, a tax overhaul to address income inequality, equal pay and equal rights for women – or any of the progressive programs the President would like to introduce. I think they would be too worried about the next election.

And there just aren’t enough blue state representatives in Congress to give President Obama the mandate he needs.

I hope I’m wrong of course. I shudder to think of two more years like the last two. But I am afraid that is what we can look forward to as a Republican Congress passes the worst kind of regressive legislation in history and the President dutifully vetoes it.

And let’s not forget his impeachment. That will certainly be on the table if the Republicans get a majority in the Senate as well as the House. I doubt they will get enough seats for impeachment – a two-thirds majority is required in the Senate – but they will probably get enough to have a trial, as they did with President Clinton.

No, I won’t stay home this election. Of course I will trudge off to the polls and dutifully fill in the ovals next to any name with a capital D next to it. But I will do it with a heavy heart.

The only consolation I see is that things will get so wretched that the American voters will have had enough and kick out the Republicans once and for all in 2016.

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