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U.S. Election Issues Are Clear This Time

As mid-term elections draw closer in America, the choice between the two major parties is crystal clear. Only a dolt could claim ignorance of the issues this time.

Republicans have made no bones about it: They represent Big Oil, the giant global corporations and Wall Street.

Recent revelations include these examples:

Republican Representative Joe Barton (of Texas, of course) shamelessly apologized to BP for President Obama’s insistence that the oil giant set aside $20 billion for restitution to disaster victims in the Gulf.

Republican senators have put a hold on legislation that would give subpoena power to the commission investigating the blowout – helping BP and its associates to hide the criminal recklessness that caused the catastrophe.

The Republicans have fought desperately to block reform of the shifty Wall Street practices that sent the economy into a tailspin.

Any financial reform, however mild, is anathema to the GOP. House Minority Leader John Boehner describes legislation now going through Congress as using a nuclear weapon to target an ant. To this privileged ponce, the suffering of the masses is no more important than “an ant.”

Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle, who will face Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the November election, was even more forthright. She insists that unemployment benefits “have spoiled our citizenry.” Liberals cause unemployment because they provide the unemployed with a few dollars to buy groceries, she believes. According to this reincarnation of Simon Legree, the pittance they get from the government makes the lazy American masses stay home instead of looking for work.

Obviously, Angle is not alone. The Republicans in Congress share  her contempt for the jobless and have blocked legislation to keep sending out unemployment checks now that the regular benefit period has expired.

The media are making far too much of the Tea Party movement’s “rage” against “incumbents.” I am convinced this is a smokescreen for the real choice in November. It’s not about corruption, or bailouts, or abortion, or same-sex marriage, or climate change, or illegal immigrants spilling over the country’s porus border…

It’s class warfare, plain and simple.

The privileged few are waging a cunning campaign against the downtrodden masses, and their skilled propagandists are using every trick in the book to disguise the offensive. They’re not even ashamed to poke the smoldering fires of racism against America’s first black president or to whip up xenophobic frenzy with false claims that he was born outside of the U.S.

It’s a no-holds-barred fight to the death – the death of America’s middle class.

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know I don’t always agree with President Obama and his allies in Congress. And there are many Democrats in Washington that I would find it hard to support. But come November, I will have no qualms about casting my vote.

I certainly will not be voting for Big Oil, the giant global corporations and Wall Street.

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