Usain Bolt Named one of ESPN’s Top 20 Athletes 1995-2015

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, has been named one of ESPN’s Top 20 Athletes 1995-2015.  The diverse list includes Lionel Messi, Shaquille O’Neal, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods and many other famous athletes during that 20 year period. Below is the list of ESPN’s Top 20 Athletes 1995-2015.

No. 20: Sidney Crosby
No. 19: Barry Bonds
No. 18: Mia Hamm
No. 17: Floyd Mayweather Jr.
No. 16: Usain Bolt
No. 15: Brett Favre
No. 14: Tim Duncan
No. 13: Lance Armstrong
No. 12: Lionel Messi
No. 11: Shaquille O’Neal
No. 10: Derek Jeter
No. 9: Michael Phelps
No. 8: Kobe Bryant
No. 7: Peyton Manning
No. 6: Serena Williams
No. 5: Roger Federer
No. 4: Tom Brady
No. 3: Tiger Woods
No. 2: LeBron James
No. 1: Michael Jordan

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