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Usain Bolt to morph tonight

Channel 4 will tonight (8 August) launch an ident featuring Usain Bolt, in which the world’s fastest man is transformed into the network’s logo. Read more>>

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  • All we can say is, “WOW!”. You have hit the nail precisely on the head. America definitely does not deserve President Obama, nor does he deserve them and their racist, elitist attitudes. Incidentally, we have observed that the media, and probably most other Americans, continue to refer to “President Obama” as “Obama” or “Mr. Obama”, while still referring to Bush and Clinton as “President”.

  • I have heard enough ugly remarks over the years from the mouths of elderly white people here in Texas and I know that racism is more widely spread than I wanted to believe. I hoped that some of this would die out with that generation but now I see much ugliness coming from the young. Evil seems to be a necessary part of life and I suppose gives us something to push back against or maybe we would all be too complacent. If there is a utopia it has to be in another dimension and not on this planet.