Using Bolt to Bolster the Jamaican Economy

The U.S. track team is challenging Usain Bolt to a series of races.

Doug Logan, the CEO of USA Track and Field, has proposed a home-and-home track series this year between sprinters from America and Jamaica—the home of the world-record holder in the 100 and 200 meters.  The US is looking to create a redeem team of sprinters, and the Jamaican team is the only obstacle.



The Bolt handlers have declined the offer as of this post.

Track fans were really goosed by the athletic dominance and personality of Bolt at last year’s Olympics.

Do we have to wait till 2012 for a rematch?


Heavens no!


Saying yes to this challenge would be a great stimulus jolt to the Jamaican economy.

It would have Bolt spanking these guys again, giving the local folks a look see at a local hero.


This reminds me so much of the Ali/Frazier/Foreman events during the golden age of boxing. These guys captivated the world and catapulted them to the rank of legends. It was also the coming of Don King, with his engaging personality and dealing style.


If track and field is going to capture the imagination and loyalty  of a world wide audience, these types of events are a must.

Am I just a calculating marketer?   Have your say.

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