Vastaman – Al-Qaeda Smells Uncle-Chester!

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VastamanI’m not going to mix my words today, all I’ll say is if you never read the last blog you’ll be wondering why my Uncle Chester is being held at gun point in the airport by a suspected member of Al-Qaeda. The gun is fully loaded with live rounds and the gunman means business.

Read on citizens, ever remembering where there is a will, there a way. Who dares “wins”. Will Uncle Chester be ‘Gone with one click of the trigger’ or ‘Gone with the Wind’? 

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Cut to:
Int: Heathrow, Passport Checkpoint. (Continuous)

“In the name of Allah everybody lie down on the ground, or else I will kill this innocent man”.

Within seconds everybody assumed the position. As if anticipating the situation, armed response police were quickly on location and strategically trained their high powered rifles at the suspected terrorist.

“Listen bwoy, if you know what’s good for you drop di gun and run!”

Upon hearing Chester’s ridiculous warning the terrorist violently gun butted my uncle on the forehead. Once again, just like on the plane when Mampie startled her champion lover, the gun-butt triggered off another powerhouse fart from Chester’s fully-loaded batty. The smell was so overwhelming that the terrorist fainted.


[Continues Next Week…]


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