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Greetings Citizens of Chocko-Blocko.

OK let’s continue our mystic journey:

INT carI’m on the way to the airport to collect my Uncle Chester, who is returning from a 6 month break in Jamaica. My mother, Mama Mention, is cruising at 15mph in the “fast” lane along the highway. My father, Daddy-Buster, is drunk, plus being a pain in the arse and I’m playing the role of Mills Lane, the revered boxing referee, trying to prevent my parents from killing each other…………Oh yeah, nearly forgot. We’ve just been pulled over by a cop and my father is about to receive a gift from John-Law.

Ext: A40 Hard-Shoulder. 10:00am

DADDY BUSTER is known in the Chocko-Blocko community as the King of Backchat. Meaning that he will always answer you back.

I am going to have to issue you with a ticket for reckless driving Mrs. Mention, and your husband is being arrested for insulting a police officer. Now if you’ve really got a plane to meet I suggest you and your son leave immediately.

Int: Car: A40 Highway. 10:09am

It’s never nice to see your own father pepper-sprayed and handcuffed, but I suppose head-butting and kneeing a police officer in the nut-sack should warrant some form of restraint. My dad nearly brought unwanted attention on me, plus he was pissing Mama Mention off, so we were happy to see the back of him. Next stop, the airport.


[Continues Next Week…]


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