VIDEO: Shaggy says Jamaican Diaspora are not organized & not connected to Jamaica…Is this an insult to Jamaicans Abroad or is it True?

Shaggy in a news conference with the Jamaican Observer made some very interesting statements about the Jamaican Diaspora. He discussed a lack of “Jamaican community organizers” in the diaspora  and that many Jamaicans abroad have no connection to Jamaica.  Is this an insult to Jamaicans abroad or is it True? What do you think?

Below is a snippet.

To mobilise the diaspora is hard,” he told yesterday’s Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange. He bemoaned the fact that the majority of the Jamaicans living overseas do not have a connection with the island as many have not visited in a while, therefore getting the message to them regarding causes similar to the Bustamante Hospital for Children is hard unless they visit.
“Much like how we have leaders in Jamaica who take a stand on certain issues and push things, you don’t have community organisers in the Jamaican diaspora that are active… who are just at it.

You just kinda find a man who will say ‘mi a yaadie’, wear the colours and a it dat and big up themself when Bolt a run. For us to have a strong Jamaican or Caribbean voice we need organisation, we need people to be actively supporting causes in Jamaica,” said Shaggy, whose concert in aid of the Bustamante Hospital for Children is scheduled for this Saturday in Kingston.

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