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  • In those fairytales good wins over evil. Here in America, it is money, connections, and keeping the rest of us quiet and forever catching up. . .never allowed the luxury to even know what the hell is really going on, let alone the chance to do something for good. I don’t think anyone took the same pill Obama did on his trip, because nobody on either side seems to have visited Wonderland last night. I myself was waiting for the mad hatter to make some honest sense od it all. . .

  • Perfect summary, George. The State of the Union always strikes me as la-la land talk. But Obama’s was at least intelligent la-la land talk. The GOP rebuttals? A joke. To say that medical spending increases unemployment is more veiled racism.

  • I am at a loss for words. Did you see Michelle Bauchman’s Tea Party’s rebuttal? Why was she even allowed to speak and why did CNN cover it? The Republican’s already had their say. It was a good thing that the seating was mixed so that Republicans and Democrats had to sit together but it only added to the illusion that there will be any bi-partisanship. I aggree with you George, it ain’t going to happen. We can only hope that the Democrats come out in full force come election time and pray that most Americans come to their senses and send those poison filled Republicans packing. Billy G.

  • Come on you guys. Didn’t you see what happened during the lame duck sesssion? Didn’t that make you believe that maybe, just maybe, they could think about the good of the country?
    Just close your eyes and believe.

  • I thought President’s Obama ‘s speech was a brilliant way of bearding the lion in his den, of rubbing salt in Republican wounds. The nastier they get, the nicer he gets. The more insane they sound, the saner he sounds. In his speech he faced them down on every front they are preparing to fight him on– from spending in general to health care in particular. I was absolutely blown away. President Obama is no shrinking violet or apologist. He is as smart as they come.