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Voters Have No Excuse. The Choice is Obvious

I have never before seen the Republican Party’s agenda so nakedly exposed. Across America, they are showing their true colors: punish the middle class and the poor to make the rich richer, and pander to fringe groups by adopting extreme positions on social issues.

Now, nobody can say they were misled when they cast their vote in the 2012 elections.

If you vote Republican, you know what you will get.

It’s no secret.

You won’t see today’s Republicans do anything to create jobs or help the economy. That’s not in their best interests. The worse the economy, the better chance they have of defeating President Obama and the Democrats in 2012.

What they’re doing is attacking organized labor and laying off public employees, giving tax breaks and subsidies to corporations and CEOs, undermining Social Security and Medicare, and restructuring the education system to favor the white and rich at the expense of minorities and the poor.

Evidence of this broad-based assault on American values is coming not only from Washington but also  from Republican controlled legislatures across the land.

Here’s just one example. It’s from an AP report:

Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker and GOP leaders have launched a push to ram several years’ worth of conservative agenda items through the Legislature this spring before recall elections threaten to end the party’s control of state government.

Republicans, in a rapid sequence of votes over the next eight weeks, plan to legalize concealed weapons, deregulate the telephone industry, require voters to show photo identification at the polls, expand school vouchers and undo an early release for prisoners.

Lawmakers may also act again on Walker’s controversial plan stripping public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights. An earlier version, which led to massive protest demonstrations at the Capitol, has been left in limbo by legal challenges.

Read the article by clicking here.

And how about this gem from The Huffington Post:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — At this weekend’s South Carolina GOP convention, Republican lawmakers warned that a second term for President Obama would kill America’s independent spirit and guarantee a permanent big government welfare state.

If voters agree, look out.

Read the article by clicking here.

I cannot imagine that American voters will agree.

Surely, they’re not going to be stampeded by bogus labels like “welfare state” and “socialism”?

Or by the Chicken Little hysteria over the national deficit?

Surely, this time, they will see that starving the government of revenue by cutting corporate taxes is no way to stem the government’s flow of red ink?

Surely, this time, they will realize that hobbling workers’ ability to earn an income – and pay taxes on it –¬† is not going to make the Treasury grow?

Surely, this time, they will see that the sensible path to economic recovery is to:

Sustain a robust work force (so they can earn incomes and pay taxes);

Give a hand up to those down on their luck (so they can rejoin the income earners – and pay taxes);

Educate tomorrow’s workers for the sophisticated jobs of the future (so they can earn incomes and pay taxes)?

The Republicans have made no secret of their objectives: create panic and confusion as a smoke screen for abusive and oppressive policies and impoverish the middle class to choke off funding to political opponents.

They stand exposed for what they are: cats paws of the rich and privileged who would be masters of the world.

Vote Republican this time (or don’t vote at all!), and you have no excuse. You will deserve the America you get.

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